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Clutch’s & Transmission

The clutch is the mechanical device which transfers the power from the engine through the gearbox into the wheels in any manual vehicle. It is a vital part of the car´s working machinery as the engine generates power all the time, and has parts which are constantly rotating, but the wheels are not constantly spinning. This is run through the two main components the clutch plate and the flywheel. With modern technology we are now seeing newer types of cutch assemblies that are being fitted to todays vehicles.


We at Wilcan use top of the range suppliers for our clutch kits such as one of the main manufacturers of clutch assemblies LUK who also manufacture for most new car and LCV manufacturers.

clutch kits
slave cylinders


Clutch Slave Cylinder known as CSC. The modern day clutch is now generally operated by a hydraulic device called the clutch slave cylinder. It can be found either externally mounted or now commonly found inside the gearbox. Our clutch kits come with these supplied and are replaced with a new clutch. It is advised not to ‘ride the clutch pedal’ on these hydraulic clutch systems as they cause premature clutch failure.


What are they and why are they so much trouble?  Basically it’s a flywheel in two concentric parts or two facing flywheels stuck together with flexible compound to damp down transmitted vibration from engines aimed at improving gearchange quality and help protect the transmission. It is attached to the clutch it is often replaced at clutch renewal. Common symptoms are when the flywheel wears and causes vibration/knocking noise.

dual mass flywheel
gearbox repairs


We are able to help if you have problems with your gearbox, whether it be automatic or manual. There can be many different causes of faults within the gearbox and a full assessment would be required.

We also offer car collection & drop-off along with the use of a courtesy car (when available & subject to T&C’s)